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Tank heating applicationSince 1989, ProTherm Industries Incorporated has been selling surface heating, process heatin, and temperature control panelss to a number of industries. We provide limitless applications for our products because of the many needs for surface heating. ProTherm offers the widest variety of surface heating solutions to meet those needs.

In every application for process heating, you’ll find a solution with ProTherm. We have solutions for you: in high temperature heating systems, reboilers used for refining oil, vaporization and superheating, silicon heating for production and water processing at extreme pressures and temperatures.

The purpose of our website’s application section is to enhance your knowledge of how our products can benefit you. We believe you will find this as a useful reference tool.

You will find a variety of helpful applications that outline the many challenges many global industries face and the solutions ProTherm has to offer you.

The application information is organized in 5 major categories:

Industry Applications

Food Processing companies need to prevent condensation, so food preparation areas are not contaminated. ProTherm’s silicone rubber heating blankets are used to create temperature equilibrium, thus eliminating condensation. In applications where ingredients must be heated to reduce viscosity so they can more easily move from one process to another, ProTherm products such as IBC/tote tank heaters, drum heaters, heating cable, and silicone rubber heating blankets can be used. Additionally, there are often freeze protection issues which vary by facility, requiring ProTherm’s self-regulating heating cable or silicone rubber heating blankets.
ProTherm’s products are used for a wide variety of applications in manufacturing. Processes that ProTherm’s products can benefit and make more efficient include: temperature process control, viscosity control, and condensation prevention. ProTherm’s wide variety of product offerings allows us to customize a solution to specific surface heating application needs. Additionally, there are freeze protection issues which vary by facility, and can benefit from using ProTherm’s self-regulating heating cable or silicone rubber heating blankets.
Petrochemical/Chemical Processing companies must often lower the viscosity of chemicals to enhance flow efficiency. Common products to solve viscosity issues include ProTherm’s heating cable, IBC/ tote tank heaters, drum heaters, and silicone rubber heating blankets. Constant-wattage heating cable is especially popular to keep chemicals at elevated temperatures, sometimes several hundred degrees, when transporting them through pipes. Constantwattage heating cable is easy-to-install, has circuit lengths up to 1,200ft (366m), is rated for hazardous areas, and is affordable. Additionally, there are often freeze protection issues which vary by facility, requiring ProTherm’s self-regulating heating cable or silicone rubber heating blankets.
Plastics/Injection Molding companies’ most common surface heating application requires melting plastic pellets into a liquid before injecting it into plasticforming molds. ProTherm’s cloth heating jackets are a popular choice for use in this application. They normally replace un-insulated mica band heaters as the cloth heaters are more energy efficient, safer to work with, and keep the work environment more comfortable. Additionally, for many of the Plastics/ Injection Molding facilities, freeze protection is an area of a concern. ProTherm’s self-regulating heating cable or silicone rubber heating blankets help to prevent fluids from freezing.

ProTherm Industries provides a wide range of heating elements, band heaters, cartridge heaters, formed and finned tubular heaters, bolt heaters, coil heaters, strip heaters, tank heaters, cast-in heaters, immersion heaters, as well as circulation heaters and heated hoses. You can obtain information regarding any of our products by browsing our site. Each of our products is listed with specifics and applications information along with other products that are available at ProTherm Industries.

We want to be your complete heating solution. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your industrial or process heating application.