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Heated Hoses

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Custom designed heated hoses.Heated hose inner core is comprised of extruded PTFE, which offers exceptional resistance to temperature cycling and kinking. For those applications requiring exposure to temperatures in excess of 400°F, hoses are furnished with an all metal, corrugated inner core and a high temperature 400°F resilient fiberglass heater and insulation. High pressure and high temperature hoses also available.

Heated hose end fittings are a progressive swage or crimp design and are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, or Aluminum. Choose between a Female and Male NPT, Female and Male 37o JIC Swivel, Tube stub, Cam and Groove, Sanitary Flange, BSPP and Metric or many other end fitting options.

Thermal insulation is aquired by wrapping multiple layers of nonflammable insulation that incorporates excellent temperature resistance, flexibility, and light weight while maintaining a cool running outer surface. The outer cover of polyester braided jacketing serves to protect the hose, insulation, and internal components. Other options are available, including an extruded silicone covering for water protection.

Heated hose ends are finished with a hardened tight fitting molded cover. All integral components are bonded together within the assembly and to the hose core to prevent chemical or flexible damage and separation in use. Heated hose electrical characteristics will match any requirement of voltage, phase and power needed.

Applications: Benefits:
• Chemical and Acid Transfer
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food Products
• Steam Lines/Tire Presses
• High Temperature Hydraulic/Air Applications
• Pulp and Paper
• Fuel and Lubricant
• Glass Manufacturing
• Waste Water or Slurry
• High working and burst pressures.
• Most economical of all hoses lined with PTFE.
• The low-friction surface of smooth bore hose provides for high flow rates.
• Easily drained and/or cleaned.
• Temperature Rating: -65° F (-54°C) to +400°F (+204°C)

Heated hose fittings.

Hose ID Size Nominal Hose Size Average I.D. (In) Operating Pressure (PSI) Burst Pressure (PSI) Bend Radius (In)
3 3/16″ 0.13 3000 12000 2
4 1/4″ 0.19 3000 12000 2
5 5/16″ 0.25 3000 12000 3
6 3/8″ 0.31 2500 10000 4
8 1/2″ 0.41 2000 8000 5.2
10 5/8″ 0.5 1500 6000 6.5
12 3/4″ 0.63 1200 4800 7.7
16 1″ 0.88 1000 4000 9

Flexible heated hoses