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Immersion Heaters

Durable and heavy duty, immersion heaters can heat a wide array of oils, highly-viscous materials, water, solvents, gases, solutions and corrosive materials.

Immersion heaters incorporate the virtually indestructible tubular element welded or brazed into a mounting fitting. These mounting fittings include:

  • Pipe flanges
  • Tube sheets
  • National pipe thread screw plugs
  • Custom flange or screw plugs
  • Other custom fittings to suit the application

Immersion Heaters consist of tubular heating elements immersed into the fluid. Immersion heaters are very efficient and cost effective since all energy that is generated is dissipated directly into the medium which is being heated. Electric Immersion Heaters are used to heat fluids such as water, oil, and chemical solutions, electro-plating and salt solutions. Since some of these fluids can be quit chemically aggressive, the sheath material needs to be carefully chosen. The most common sheath materials are stainless steel 304, 316, Titanium and quartz. Besides choosing the correct sheath material, vicious chemicals may also require to lower the watts per square inch (WSI) on the heating element. Our immersion heaters have wattage outputs of 5 – 65 watts per square inch (WSI); our application engineers can help you determine the correct WSI for your application.

Types of Immersion Heaters

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Flanged immersion heaters are designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels to heat both gases and liquids. A flanged immersion heater will typically mate with a companion flange that is either welded to a tank or in the case of circulation heaters, to a pipe body. Our flange heaters are designed to provide our customers with a long-lived, dependable, trouble-free heater for their application requirements. A properly designed flange heater will provide a high degree of efficiency as the energy that is generated is quickly dissipated directly into the medium that is being heated.

Circulation Heaters (or In Line Heaters)

Circulation heaters (or In Line Heaters) are used when a pressurized, circulating fluid needs to be heated. A flanged immersion, or a screw plug immersion heater is inserted into a into a pressure vessel. This vessel may also be called a pipe body. The fluid passing though this circulation heater will rise to the desired temperature. This heating approach greatly enhances normal immersion heaters by offering a method to give you heat on demand. Many temperature control options give you can get the exact temperature control of the heated fluid.

Circulation Heaters are often called electric fired heat exchangers, they generate there own heat, perform at 100% efficiency, and are adaptable to general purpose terminal enclosures, weather/moisture resistant terminal enclosure, or hazardous location and explosion proof locations.

The pressure vessel, also called a pipe body, is normally mild steel or stainless steel. When design specifications require ASME approved construction, Our circulation heaters can be stamped with the applicable Code “U”, “UM”, “S” or “H” Stamp. An insulated metal jacket prevents unwanted heat loss. Multi stage units are pre- piped and mounted on a support frame. Final kilowatt output is unlimited.

Over-The-Side Heaters

Over-the-side heaters offers a wide variety of styles and shapes to meet nearly all needs. Whether you are heating a small pail of water or a large tank of caustic, we have the right product for the job. If standard designs do not match the application, we offer fast delivery on most custom designs. Since direct immersion is 100% efficient and over the sides require no tank modification these are the most easily used yet among the most effective means to heat your process.