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Process Control

Adhesive tube warming caseProTherm Industries offers several solutions for process control and temperature control in your manufacturing process. From maintaining the temperature of spray foam, hot glue, gas and grain hoppers, we have a heating solution for your application process. We carry a variety of process heating systems and controllers, including band & cartridge heaters, tubular industrial process heaters, and temperature control panels.

Temperature controllers are used in a wide variety of industries to manage manufacturing processes or operations. Some common uses for temperature controllers in industry include plastic extrusion and injection molding machines, thermo-forming machines, packaging machines, food processing, food storage, and blood banks.

We can even design a process heating control panel to run your heating elements, and our temperature controllers are easy to setup and easy to read.

Some examples of process control:

  • Adhesive tube warming
  • Cosmetics heating
  • Furniture adhesive curing
  • Gas tank heating
  • Hopper heaters
  • Liquid temperature maintenance
  • Plastic bending & forming
  • Plastic extrusion process
  • Preheating & welding steel
  • Refrigerant cylinder warming
  • Scientific / analytical instrumentation
  • Spray foam insulation warming
  • Vacuum bake-out
  • Wet laboratory heating

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