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Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation from invisible infrared light to heat objects, materials or spaces with the help of a reflective shield. Infrared heat waves are long electromagnetic waves located very near the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum which can give off a large amount of heat that is easily absorbed by many surfaces. Produced by a heating element, the infrared waves give off radiant heat which is able to heat objects and surfaces without needing a medium or air molecules for transportation.

Infrared process heating elements.Infrared heat can penetrate materials and gases more easily than typical convection heaters. Infrared heaters are more efficient than UV lamps, which require light waves to effectively heat an object. Infrared heat can be used in a number of different applications due to the wide variety of heater types including: space heaters for smaller spaces, radiant heaters and radiant gas heaters which convert heat from gas flames to reflect, door heaters and outdoor heaters, tube heaters usually have the heating element contained in a glass tube, infrared patio heaters and more. As infrared heaters tend to make very conservative use of energy, they can be used to heat spaces as large as warehouses or sheds and garages. Some infrared heaters use ceramic, glass or metal for the heating element, but quartz heaters are one of the most commonly found types because of the capacity of quartz to heat up very quickly. Electric infrared heaters typically have a coiled tungsten wire as the heating element and these heaters are commonly used in domestic appliances requiring immediate heat.

ProTherm offers many different infrared, electric heaters, including quartz composite face heaters, opaque fused quartz face heaters, quartz tubes, metal and glass face heaters, revolutionary fast response medium wave panel heaters, and specialty heaters.

We are a supplier of custom, medium-wave, infrared electric panel heaters. ProTherm can partner with your engineering staff to design a solution that fits your application.