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Control Panels & Heated Hoses

Custom control panels and heated hoses
ProTherm Industries designs and builds heated hoses and control panels in house, so we can assist you with your project from start to finish. CONTROL PANELS We design and build custom temperature control assemblies and can design a controller for your heating application. For industrial and process heating, our controllers can handle multiple zones, temperature settings and sensors. For lo...
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Pipe Freeze Protection

Heat trace cables
Freeze protection for water supply and drain Pipes. Self-regulating, cut-to-length, heat trace cable. If you're looking for "heat tape" to protect your pipes, then you may keep coming across the wrong product for freeze protection. The correct term is heat trace cable, but we know what you're looking for when you contact us for help. Heat trace cable comes in two different styles; constant wa...
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Packaged Process Skids

Packaged process skids
ProTherm's packaged process skids are contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported. Individual skids can contain complete process heating systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems or entire portable plants. The main advantage is quality control. Because only one party will be responsible for the construction and build of...
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skid heating system
ProTherm Industries provides a wide range of heating elements, band heaters, cartridge heaters, formed and finned tubular heaters, bolt heaters, coil heaters, strip heaters, tank heaters, cast-in heaters, immersion heaters, as well as circulation heaters and heated hoses. Order our products online...
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